A sign of life

I caught myself wanting to check Facebook first thing in the morning. I had not even got out of bed, in fact I had skipped my morning prayers in order to sleep a little longer. Perhaps for that reason it now struck me quite forcibly how strange it is that I feel so naturally drawn […]

The sanctifier

A book review of: “The Sanctifier” by Luis M. Martinez On the back of the book was written: “Luis Maria Martinez (1881-1956), the Archbishop of Mexico City and gifted orator and writer, was admired for his intense dedication to the needs of his people during the turbulent years of persecution of the Church in Mexico. […]

Important things are not rational

There is the funny story of two scientists who meet at the house of one of them. The visitor notices a horseshoe on the wall and says: “Surely you aren’t superstitious?”, whereupon the other replies: “No, but I’ve been told that it works even for people who don’t believe in it.” I like this joke, […]

Reflections on Good Friday

It was a lovely Good Friday this year. I left the morning service feeling profoundly comforted by the idea that I need not try and bend my emotions into a state of remorse, focusing more on accepting Jesus’ gift instead, and wondering about the meaning of sacrifice. I went for a walk, enjoying the obvious […]

The End of the Affair

A book review of ‘The End of the Affair’ by Graham Greene. Warning: the following review does contain some spoilers, I need to explain some of the plot in order to describe why it moved me so. I will restrict that to the minimum, but if you want to be surprised, then you must stop […]

My relationship with God

Written in response to an invitation in the #LiveLent 2018 app, where it said: “Make some time to write down the story of your relationship with God, how it began, how it has grown, what it means today”.