Mourning in Autumn

Two years ago, I wrote a poem on a beautiful autumn day (see below, in Dutch). The poem still means a lot to me, it expresses so well my feelings of deep, deep longing, combined with the knowledge that all is fleeting, and my difficulty to cope with that. The poem describes the beautiful golden […]

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Watching the night
Starry Night over the Rhone, by Van Gogh

I look Into the night. It seems to be at rest. This moment when the people sleep, So still. I feel The eerie light, It cools my fevered mind. The silence slowly teaches me: Be still. I see The quiet space. My soul that would not sleep, Now, watching in the night, receives Some peace.

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Dear Mother Mary

Dear mother Mary, How could you assent, And give your heart To let it be rent? I look at your face, So peaceful above. You overcame fear, Because you had love. Your gentle reproof Alights on me: “Can you not trust, Let questions be?” I know I have failed, What can I say. “Lord, let […]

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De zon streelt de gouden bladeren //
De aarde houdt haar adem in //
De tijd van afscheid is gekomen //
Nu nog de verwondering.

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For Grandpa, with love

Grandpapa Did you know My burning heart My desire to show What did you see When you sat so still Drawn back in your chair Where nothing could kill I saw you My heart full of love And I looked up To heaven above We shall meet again We will both be whole We will […]

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God’s Tears

God begged me out     To walk in the rain. His tears fell on me,   Was He feeling pain? He cried over me,   It made me start. Don’t cry, dear Lord,   I will change my heart! Tears poured down,   I continued my way. Tears of joy? Or sadness   About my delay? Dear Lord, I cried,   You […]

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