Important things are not rational

There is the funny story of two scientists who meet at the house of one of them. The visitor notices a horseshoe on the wall and says: “Surely you aren’t superstitious?”, whereupon the other replies: “No, but I’ve been told that it works even for people who don’t believe in it.” I like this joke, […]

Reflections on Good Friday

It was a lovely Good Friday this year. I left the morning service feeling profoundly comforted by the idea that I need not try and bend my emotions into a state of remorse, focusing more on accepting Jesus’ gift instead, and wondering about the meaning of sacrifice. I went for a walk, enjoying the obvious […]

Liberating Creativity

With Easter we’ve celebrated the victory of Jesus over death and sin. It is a precious victory, that He won at a high price. This leads me to think about freedom, which I first associate with creativity, because we need freedom to be really creative. Also, our creativity is truly a wonderful gift of God: this is what makes us all unique and special.