Dear Mother Mary

Dear mother Mary, How could you assent, And give your heart To let it be rent? I look at your face, So peaceful above. You overcame fear, Because you had love. Your gentle reproof Alights on me: “Can you not trust, Let questions be?” I know I have failed, What can I say. “Lord, let … Continue reading Dear Mother Mary

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Quicksand of Questions

To write or not to write.. that’s the question. And then what to write, that’s another question. And silly enough, these questions can make me miserable. However much I enjoy writing, when these questions grip me, I start thinking that whatever I do is bound to become a total flop anyway, and that it was … Continue reading Quicksand of Questions

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De zon streelt de gouden bladeren //
De aarde houdt haar adem in //
De tijd van afscheid is gekomen //
Nu nog de verwondering.

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Lovely Paradoxes

Summer holiday was nice and relaxed for me, I’ve done a lot of reading (of course) and in one book I stumbled on the sentence that following Jesus means that we embrace the freedom of our failures and weakness. Apart from all the other wonderful things in this book, especially this sentence made me think. … Continue reading Lovely Paradoxes

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