God’s Image
A photo of a bird, with its reflection in the water

What does it mean that we are created in God’s image? Can we see something of God in ourselves? Augustine devotes the second half of his book ‘The Trinity’ to these questions, and explores the inner workings of our soul, to find out more about how it mirrors God. The first half of ‘The Trinity’ … Continue reading God’s Image

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Spirits and spells
An image of a dove, symbolizing the Holy Spirit

I did something very dubious for a Christian mother: I asked my youngest daughter to cross her fingers for me when I needed luck in a game. It worked. Now my daughter’s faith in finger-crossing is very much reinforced. Part of me wonders if perhaps the devil influenced the odds in order to seduce her … Continue reading Spirits and spells

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Rest from God’s work

A short reflection on Exodus 35:3 “You shall kindle no fire in all your dwelling places on the Sabbath day.” The Lord strictly forbids the Israelites to kindle a fire on sabbath. I am reminded of the Jews who, to this day, won’t turn on an engine or light on sabbath. It seems strange that … Continue reading Rest from God’s work

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Recovering my shoes

As a child, when I just began reading, I had a couple of little books about ‘Kleine Beer’. My favourite one is about Little Bear visiting his grandparents. That book contains the wonderful story told by Grandfather Bear: about a gnome who was so frightened that he jumped out of his shoes. As he fled, … Continue reading Recovering my shoes

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Contemplation (again)

Three years ago I wrote my first text, about contemplation, and now I pick up the topic again. High time to throw in some warnings, as seems to be quite the thing among contemplatives. One needs to speak about spiritual dangers, the courage needed, and the point of no return. Not to mention the need … Continue reading Contemplation (again)

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